Two Years In: The Impact of COVID-19 on WordPress and eCommerce — Freemius

The Online Gold Rush — All Roads Lead to eCommerce

A decade of acceleration in a year

eCommerce: Where the Cash Is at

  • Product sellers saw huge upticks in sales
  • Freelancers and agencies welcomed an influx of new clients

The Acquisitions-Accelerator

Acquisitions Will Continue

Market Deceleration and Consolidation

  • If your business experienced 20% growth during the boom, I’d say your end-of-year result will be pretty similar.
  • But if you did $100k in annual revenue in 2019 and then $250k in 2020, there’s a good chance your numbers will see a meaningful drop.

New Players Means More Competition

The Amount of Money in the Market Won’t Shrink (Probably)

The Cloud-Based COVID Bubble Has Burst

Private, Bootstrapped Companies Make Up Most of WordPress

  • They can raise more capital (which will be difficult in a bear market).
  • Or, more likely, they’ll have to fire employees to trim down their expenses, just like Elementor laid off 15% of their staff.

WordPress’s Diminishing Market Share

eCommerce Is a Healthy Place to Be In

New (Older) Audiences

A wild boomer pre-COVID

The Power of Subscriptions

Careful Optimism



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