MailChimp Integration and Seamless Freemium Checkout with 1-Click Auto-Install

MailChimp Integration

Freemius MailChimp Connect
Freemius MailChimp Integration Dashboard

The Webhooks Mechanism Got Stronger!

Freemius Webhooks Event Selection

Help Scout Integration

The Most Seamless and Customer Friendly Upgrade Process for Freemium Plugins

How does it work?

Freemius Auto-Install Opt-in Checkbox

Why is it compliant with the guidelines?

License and Download Recovery (semi-Members Area)

Freemius Customers License Recovery

Beautiful and User-Friendly Usage-Tracking Terms Page

Freemius' Users Usage-Tracking Terms

Subscription Renewal Emails

Freemius Subscription Renewal Email

WordPress SDK — v.

Bug Fixes



Development Mode / Debugging

Freemius WordPress SDK Debug Page Actions

What’s coming up?

SDK Memory Consumption Optimization

Affiliation Platform




Monetization & Insights platform for #WordPress #plugin #developers.

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Monetization & Insights platform for #WordPress #plugin #developers.

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