Is the WooCommerce Marketplace a Good Platform to Sell Your WooCommerce Extensions? — Freemius

What Is WooCommerce?

What Is the WooCommerce Extensions Marketplace?

  • Sell exclusively on WooCommerce for a greater cut of the profits.
  • Sell on WooCommerce and other websites and have a sizable amount of revenue go to the marketplace.

What Opportunity Does the WooCommerce Marketplace Offer Developers?

  • 84% of customers are buying extensions for their own stores.
  • The top verticals by store volume are Fashion and Apparel, Health and Beauty, Electronics, Food and Drink, and Design and Marketing Services (spread across extensions and themes).
  • The strongest representation is currently in North America, Europe, and Asia.

Which Categories Are Earmarked for Growth?

  • Cryptocurrency
  • Dropshipping
  • Fraud prevention
  • International and localization
  • Policy and security
  • Product images and media such as augmented/virtual reality
  • Reporting and analytics
  • SaaS
  • SEO and SEM
  • Themes

What Does the Geographical and Pricing Distribution Look Like?

  • Africa: South Africa
  • Asia: India, Iran, Malaysia, Turkey, and Vietnam
  • Europe: France, Germany, Italy, The Netherlands, and Spain
  • North America: Canada and Mexico
  • South America: Brazil
  • Non-English submissions, with current priorities being Spanish, French, and Portuguese languages

How Many Extensions Are on the WooCommerce Marketplace?

  • Marketing: 153 extensions
  • Store Management: 102 extensions
  • Developed by Woo: 85 extensions
  • Payments: 80 extensions
  • Merchandising: 77 extensions
  • Conversion: 73 extensions
  • Store Content and Customizations: 65 extensions
  • Shipping, Delivery and Fulfillment: 60 extensions
  • Free: 41 extensions
  • Customer Service: 21 extensions

What Do the Pricing Tiers Look Like?

How Many Themes Are on the WooCommerce Marketplace?

  • Free: Just three themes here, including WooCommerce’s official theme Storefront.
  • Storefront Themes: 14 themes, all of which are child themes designed by WooCommerce.
  • Responsive: 35 themes of which the majority is built by third-party vendors.
  • Free
  • $39
  • $59
  • $69
  • $79
  • $99
  • $129 (it’s worth noting that the highest theme pricing tier is well below the extensions’ $299 price point)

How Big of a Business Can You Build on the WooCommerce Marketplace?

What Revenue Share Cut Does the Marketplace Take?

Quickfire Answers to Important WooCommerce Marketplace Questions

Does the WooCommerce Marketplace Offer a Subscriptions Model for Extension Developers?

How Are Updates and Support Handled for Extensions Sold Through the WooCommerce Marketplace?

How Do Payouts and Billing Work and Does the WooCommerce Marketplace Calculate Taxes?

Does the WooCommerce Marketplace Provide Customer Data Like Contact Info, User Metrics, or Sales Analytics?

Does the WooCommerce Marketplace Have an Affiliate Program?

Does the WooCommerce Marketplace Help Developers Overcome Visibility Challenges?

Can Any Developer Apply to Sell Extensions on the WooCommerce Marketplace?

Does the WooCommerce Marketplace Come With a Mechanism to License Your Extensions?

Why Selling Extensions on the WooCommerce Marketplace Is a Good Idea 👼

1. Tap Into the Right Audience at the Right Time and Place

2. Perceived Endorsement From the WooCommerce Team

3. Seed the Product, Test the Waters, and Drive Traffic

Why Selling Extensions on the WooCommerce Marketplace Is a Bad Idea 😈

1. No Access to Customer Data

  1. We are not sure who our clients are; we don’t have information on who bought the extension unless we received a support ticket from them.
  2. You can’t market yourself: not only do you not know who your clients are, but also you don’t have their contacts, so you can’t upsell, nurture or reduce churn.
  3. Also, it’s hard to promote the extension to cold leads because sending traffic to a marketplace is not very efficient. People might just jump to another competitive extension. Also, you can’t generate custom offers, etc. E.g., you are allowed to change the price only once per year, with the help of Woo support.’

2. You Can’t Use Your Licensing

3. It’s Not Your Branding

4. Once You’re in It’s Tough to Get Out

  • Upon termination:
  1. we can either:
    A. fork the Product(s) under the Applicable License and continue to sell them, with rights to (x) all revenue generated on the WooCommerce Site (including from subscription renewals), (y) the then-existing documentation, and (z) the Product name, and provide updates and support to customers (on our own or through a partnership with a third party), or
    B. remove the Product(s) from future distribution under the terms set forth in Section 3; and

5. The Power to Dictate Your Future

  • To remove the product and allow them to fork it anyways
  • To continue selling it on the marketplace and their website
  • To start acquisition discussions

What’s Your Next Move?



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