How I Got Happier & More Productive: Actionable Tips for Busy WordPress Entrepreneurs — Freemius

Why I Started Researching Productivity Hacks and High-Performer Practices

The Bigger Your Company Gets, the More Stress You’re Exposed to

  1. Controlling your mindset and emotions
  2. Controlling your schedule and priorities (versus letting external triggers do it for you)
  3. Understanding what makes you happy
  • Tim Ferriss: finding positivity and gratitude in all aspects of life
  • Nir Eyal: the importance of being ruthless with your time and schedule
  • Tom Bilyeu: how to ‘build a better you’ in every facet of your life
  • Tony Robbins: using practices to wire your brain to think positively
  • Dr. Joe Dispenza: unlocking your brain’s potential through meditation and mindfulness
  • Andrew Huberman: dopamine as a reward system that isn’t just reserved for the milestones
  • Ed Mylett: the importance of tasting your dream while you’re chasing it

1. Controlling Your Mindset and Emotions

The Philosophy of Stoicism

  • Focusing on what I have control over and putting my best efforts into them
  • Accepting and not stressing over events that are out of my control
  • Striving to become a better version of myself every day (even if it’s something small and seemingly insignificant. It’s not!)
  • I didn’t react to the news right away. I prioritized it for the following week, reasonably calm in the knowledge that we had 30 days to patch and publicly disclose the information.
  • I didn’t take it personally. Instead, I focused on what we could control and really took time to decide on the best course of action.
  • After careful examination of the code to confirm the vulnerabilities, my team and I strategized and then implemented a plan that we thought would minimize exposure.
  • And then, despite our best intentions and deliberate coordination, the issues were publicly disclosed early.
  • Sure, I was mad and irritated, but it was out of my control and I feel we worked to the best of our abilities to resolve the issues.

Start and End the Day on a Positive Note

The Five Minute Journal App

  • I have five fully functioning senses to enjoy life with
  • I’m healthy and fit
  • I’m privileged to enjoy great music that touches my soul
  • I have two loving parents who pushed me to excellence and sacrificed a lot in their lives for my future
  • I’ve built up a strong team of people who are also passionate about Freemius’s mission

One moment can change a day, one day can change a life, and one life can change the world.

— Buddha

Neuroscience and the Dopamine Reward System

…What you realize is that your capacity to tap into dopamine as a motivator, not just seeking dopamine rewards, that is infinite.

Dr. Andrew Huberman

The 300% Versus 97% Approach

2. Controlling Your Schedule and Priorities

We are slaves now to the urgent at the sacrifice of the important. If you don’t plan your day, something or someone is going to plan it for you.

Tie Your Tasks to Your Calendar

Avoid Immediate Reactions

Remove Distractions

The 5 AM Club

Winning starts at your beginning. And your first hours are where the great heroes are made. Own your mornings and you’ll master your life.

  1. You feel as if you’re out of sync with the world. You wake up while everyone’s sleeping and get into bed when most people are still settling in to relax for the evening
  2. At 8 pm, I was simply dead to the world:

3. The Pursuit of Happiness

Self-Affirmation and Self-Acceptance

If you keep growing, you’re going to feel alive. And if you keep growing, you’re going to have more to give. And when you’re growing and giving, life is magnificent.’

- Tony Robbins

Make Time for Loved Ones



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