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What is a Hot Tip and why do they perform so well?

🔥 Achieving an accessible contrast ratio is very difficult when using white text on a colored background.

Using dark colored text on a soft colored background is much easier to make accessible, and usually looks better to boot 👌

- Steve Schoger (@steveschoger) September 27, 2018

  1. Digestible — we are overwhelmed with free information in our timelines, mostly of little value. Then a Hot Tip shows up in a simple, clear format: a 280 character limit (with value) including an alongside diagram. If I was to use one word to sum up a Hot Tip: digestible
  2. Threads — Hot Tips are often shared in multi-Tweet Threads. When you add to a thread, it resurfaces the original Hot Tip and the most recent Tweet before it — a decent amount of real estate in a timeline.
  3. Algorithm — we are naturally sharing Tweets we understand more than those we don’t. Hot Tips are quick to read, so quick to share (RT). The more shares the more others see it. I also think when a Hot Tip resonates with someone they bookmark it (within Twitter bookmarks) to reference for later, contributing to the Twitter Algorithm.

The Hot Tips Twitter Thread

Leading up to my Landing Page course, here are 100 Landing Page hot tips over the next 100 days.

Simply follow this thread 👇 or get em dripped to email:

🔥 Landing Page Hot Tip #01 — Utilize testimonials to further highlight features & answer doubts:

- Rob Hope 🇿🇦 (@robhope) May 26, 2020

Hot Tips results:

  • I was averaging around 20 new Twitter followers per month. Since the Tweet, I’ve grown to 1500+ new followers (in 100 days) — most are folks who are looking for Landing Page content. A huge win.
  • With modesty, I can see I’m becoming more of an authority in the Landing Page space based on who I’m attracting and the analytics results.
  • 1905+ subscribers to the Hot Tips Email Drip
  • The Hot Tips effort has ultimately led to a Landing Page Hot Tip eBook. More on that further down, but it’s worth mentioning that these sales have added another layer of income to my business. All from Hot Tips.

Hot Tips takeaways

Don’t Commit To More Than You Can “Eat”

Diversify Your Hot Tips

Focus on Micro-Lessons



Alternative mediums




🔥 Landing Page Hot Tip #03 is fewer images, better images.

Good imagery builds trust and trust is the foundation for conversions.

Spend the money.

Get a photoshoot of your team, your product, your food. The ROI of a professional photoshoot is pretty much guaranteed.

- Rob Hope 🇿🇦 (@robhope) May 28, 2020

The Hot Tips Email Drip

The Hot Tips eBook

🎉The Landing Page Hot Tip Ebook is now on pre-sale!

⏳GET $30 OFF, for the next 30hrs only⏳

That’s $19 for:
🌮 100 snackable lessons
🔗 Additional resources per tip
🎨 Category filter eg. design tips
✅ Bonus interactive checklists

Don’t miss out:

- Rob Hope 🇿🇦 (@robhope) July 14, 2020

🔥 Intermission Landing Page Hot Tip is to create haste.

Consider offering a discount within a diminishing timeframe to encourage a quicker purchase.

On the Hot Tip Ebook pre-sale, note the countdown timer under the CTA with a % saving reminder:

- Rob Hope 🇿🇦 (@robhope) July 15, 2020

How you can apply the Hot Tips framework



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