Gamechangers: Meet the Players Driving Change With WordPress Acquisitions — Freemius

  • ‘what are the requirements and non-negotiables on both the seller and the buyer side?’
  • ‘what do efficient processes look like?’
  • ‘how do I build a sellable business in the WordPress space?’
  • ‘what do I need to have in place before an evaluation takes place?’

Artur Grabowski

I’d say that as a starting point for a seller, you need to figure out what you’re optimizing for and, in almost all cases, sellers do care about valuation and sale price.


Chris Lema

One of the mistakes that WordPress companies make in the midst of M&A is that they don’t keep the pedal on all the things that made them a worthwhile acquisition target.


Chris Lubkert

The best time to start talking to potential acquirers is not the moment you’re looking to sell your business. You should be forming these relationships well in advance.


Diego Imbriani

Don’t believe buyers who say that if you don’t close the deal in a few hours, or a day, they won’t buy the product. It’s not true. It’s a way to pressure/rush you.


Erick Danzer

Once you understand how valuation works, it’s a very simple math equation. So the time to sell is when you’ve got those variables moving in the right direction.


Gordan Orlic

As difficult as this is to admit, I have to like the plugin. It can be the best plugin in the world, but if my team and I dislike it, we’re not going to buy it.


Joe Valley

You want to sell your business so you can change your life & hopefully the next generation or two of your family. You need to train for that. It doesn’t happen automatically.


Marieke van de Rakt

I was the one proposing to my partners that we needed to make decisions … My focus was always turned inwards, towards our company.


Syed Balkhi

We are strategic acquirers. We look at solutions that will serve our audience and then we tend to align ourselves with that.


Zach Tirrell

As a company, you can say, we’re looking for an opportunity that’s going to support every person that works for us & we’re going to find a buyer who’s going to do that.


Where Freemius Lands on WordPress Mergers and Acquisitions

The Advantages of WordPress Acquisitions

1. Better Tools and Processes Help Optimize Smaller Businesses

2. Better Tools and Processes Help Optimize Founders 😉

After one too many spreadsheets

The Disadvantages of WordPress Acquisitions

1. Bigger Businesses Take Bigger Bites of an Already Competitive Market

2. Distribution and Traffic Make a Powerful Team…

3. Loss of Control

A Matter of Psychology

1. FOMO Abounds

‘The grass sure does look greener…’

2. A Competitor Shake-Up Brings Uncertainty

What’s to Come for the WordPress Universe?

Summary: Is the WordPress Honeymoon Over?



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