Freemius Is Now GDPR Ready! Here’s What You Need To Do For Your WordPress Plugin Or Theme Store:

What does GDPR mean for the Freemius team?

What Has Freemius Done to Be GDPR Ready?

A Cookies Consent Mechanism for EU Visitors

Geolocation Identification

Conditional Tracking Scripts Inclusion

How Does Freemius Help You Be GDPR Ready?

Introducing The is_marketing_allowed Flag

Adding Marketing Opt-In To Freemius Checkout

“Reverse Engineering” The Marketing Flag

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New WordPress SDK for Collecting Proper Marketing Consent From EU Users

A New Opt-In Message for EU Users

Gradual Marketing Consent Capture for Existing EU Users

Marketing Consent During License Activation

Marketing Consent Admin Notice for Opted-in EU Users

MailChimp Integration

Freemius Checkout

Updates To Your Cookies Policy

Handling a Subject Access Request (SAR)


Cart Abandonment Recovery

Final Notes




Monetization & Insights platform for #WordPress #plugin #developers.

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Monetization & Insights platform for #WordPress #plugin #developers.

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