Freemius is Getting into Video Content — This is Why You Should Too — Freemius

In 2019, YouTube is the second most popular search engine on the world wide web.


Jack of All Trades

My Very First Freemius Video!

The Vision

Why You Should Get Into Video

  1. Take a camera (the one on your phone could be good enough).
  2. Write an easy to follow script that tells an easy to follow and concise story.
  3. Stand in front of a window in a well-lit room.
  4. Hit record and convey your message to the world!

Videos for WordPress Products

The kind of videos you can create for marketing plugins and themes is limitless — as long as they get to the point and offer authentic value.


What’s Important in a Video

Be Original

Choosing Equipment for a Professional Look





Spreading the Knowledge

Content doesn’t exist without an audience.



What Content Means to Me — A Conclusion (For Now)



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