Contributing to WordPress: The Good, the Bad & the Polyglot — Freemius

Contributing to WordPress

An Open Source Roadmap to Fulfill the Promise of the WordPress Project

A (Non-Vehicular) Crash Course in Open Source Software

How Open Source Software Facilitates the WordPress Project

What Is the WordPress Project?

How to Contribute to WordPress

  • To contribute as an individual, you’ll need to create an account and configure your profile.
  • If you or your organization wants to pledge five percent of your resources, visit this page.

Five for the Future

  1. The freedom to inspect or view. This means having access to the code to study and reconstruct it as you wish.
  2. The freedom to use. To be able to ‘run or otherwise execute the software, product, or process.’
  3. The freedom to modify. Adapting the software to ultimately improve it and increase its value.
  4. Economic freedom. Selling or distributing products or services you have created using the software.

Contributing to the WordPress Project Has Its Problems

We all get a badge…

Anyone Can Volunteer…

Newcomers Lack Familiarity With the Software

Too Many Cooks Spoil the Broth

Learning From Past Mistakes Is Difficult

Memoirs of a Polyglot (AKA When Copywriters Contribute)

Afrikaans was first on the list 😁
Et voila!

The (Sometimes Taboo) Perks of Contributing to WordPress

Money, Money, Money

  • Describing what the organization does
  • Adding a small image of each member that contributed, and:
  • Stipulating how many hours per week the organization dedicated to Five for the Future

You Get a Badge, You Get a Badge (Part II)

Contributing Is a Fantastic Means of Networking

WordCamps Are Great Recruitment Grounds for Nurturing the WordPress Project

The WordPress Project Is Self-Sustaining

Contributing to WordPress is the Key to the Sports Car



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