CodeCanyon By The Numbers: Can You Pay Your Bills Selling Premium WordPress Plugins on CodeCanyon?

What is CodeCanyon?

How Big is WordPress on CodeCanyon?

CodeCanyon Plugins & Scripts Inventory

CodeCanyon Sales

CodeCanyon Marketplace ARR (Annual Recurring Revenue)

How Popular is CodeCanyon Among Developers?

Can You Build a Sustainable Plugins Business on CodeCanyon?

CodeCanyon’s WordPress Whales

Pricing Distribution of WordPress Plugins on CodeCanyon

How Many Licenses of Your WordPress Plugin Should You Expect to Sell on CodeCanyon?

Does Being Early in The Marketplace Matter And to What Extent?

Performance of Plugins Listed Under 2 Years on CodeCanyon

Performance of Premium WordPress Plugins Listed for 2–3 Years on CodeCanyon

Performance of Premium WordPress Plugins Listed for 3–4 Years on CodeCanyon

Performance of Premium WordPress Plugins Listed for 4 Years or More on CodeCanyon

CodeCanyon WordPress Plugins Monthly Earnings

CodeCanyon Average Plugin Annual Sales

What is the Lifetime Value of An Average WordPress Plugin on CodeCanyon?

Bottom Line

Are There Better CodeCanyon Alternative Marketplaces for Selling Premium WordPress Plugins?

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Is There A Better Way to Sell WordPress Plugins?

What Are The Main Benefits of Selling Plugins Outside of CodeCanyon?

Keeping A Larger Piece of The Pie

You Don’t Compete On Price

Recurring Revenues and Automatic Renewals

Distributing Your Risks

Upselling Multi-Site Licenses for Freelancers and Agencies

Leveraging User-Base of A Free Plugin on

Choosing Business Models With A Higher Customer Lifetime Value

Now What?

Appendix (Data Credibility)




Monetization & Insights platform for #WordPress #plugin #developers.

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Monetization & Insights platform for #WordPress #plugin #developers.

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