All-in or Nothing! How Trial & Error + a Drive to Be the Best Led to Success for Unlimited Elements — Freemius

Hi Amit and Maxim, thanks for joining us. Please tell us about yourselves — where you’re from, your interests, and how you got into WordPress.

Before Unlimited Elements, you were both working full-time. How tough was it to develop WordPress products ‘on the side’ while still having demanding jobs?

When did you both realize that a career in WordPress plugin development was realistic?

Unlimited Elements is a unique solution. How did the idea for the product come about?

Please tell us about the team behind the product and what each person’s role and responsibilities are.

With more than 100,000 active installations, Unlimited Elements is a highly rated hit with WP users. What’s the secret to your plugin’s success?

What does your development environment look like?

What three apps/tools can’t you do without and that every product maker needs to try?

What has been the greatest challenge for your business thus far?

While selling on CodeCanyon, you experimented with building your own subscription platform but ran into some issues. Could you tell us more about this?

What led you to Freemius?

Tell us about your experience transitioning from CodeCanyon (ThemeForest) to Freemius.

Based on your experience so far, what makes the platform appealing for Unlimited Elements and for you as product makers?

Before we go, can you give us a hint as to what exciting things we can expect from you guys in the future?

Amazing — we’re looking forward to 😉 Amit and Maxim, thanks for sharing your story and the lessons learned along the way. Our readers will find your insights extremely valuable. How can people find you?



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